Posted by: Sarah Standish | May 8, 2014

Host an Arab exchange student next year

Looking for an opportunity to host during the school year?  These students are looking for host families and it would be exciting to have them hosted in the Lincoln cluster!

Ahmed from Yemen-A host who likes to garden would appreciate this 15 year old student from a seaport city in Yemen who loves animals, environment, soccer, gardening, running.    In addition to having pets of his own, he often tries to help stray cats and dogs.  He speaks English and lives with his older brother & parents who are architects.  He wants to be a zoologist.

Mohammed, a Jordanian 16 year who likes volunteering, cycling , swimming, soccer wants to be a pilot. 

Fatima from Bahrain likes photography, children, animals, swimming, Basketball, museums.  She speaks excellent English and is an A student.

All three students have won a US State Department scholarship for being outstanding  students  The scholarship  provides health insurance, school fees, spending money.  They will attend school the 2014-15 school year arriving in the fall.

A host who can be a single person, retired, or any any combination family.  The host provides a bed, desk, chores  meals and encouragement while sharing their favorite things about our area.  For more information call Mimi Sanders, 503-293-6195, mimisandersart [at] hotmail [dot] com.


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