Posted by: Sarah Standish | May 8, 2014

Extra Credit Events for May

Please note that due to the one-time nature of these events, I cannot screen them for content beforehand.  All information is from the website/newsletter of the PSU Middle East Studies Center unless state otherwise.

Film Screening: Dancing in Jaffa

Renowned ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine returns to Jaffa to fulfill his lifelong dream of teaching dance to Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli children. Here, we follow four different children, all of whom who are forced to confront issues of identity, segregation and racial prejudice, as they dance with their enemy. The classroom becomes a microcosm of the Middle East’s struggle to work together harmoniously while still caught in the politics of the region and race. With the guidance of Pierre, the children, who live uneasily side-by-side, learn to dance together and trust one another.

For more information, visit:

When: Opening Friday, May 2, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Where: Living Room Theaters, Southwest 10th Avenue, Portland

Ali Abunimah on ‘The Battle for Justice in Palestine’

This lecture is part of an ongoing tour for Ali Abunimah’s latest book, The Struggle for Justice in Palestine, published earlier this year by Haymarket Books. Accoring to Abunimah, efforts to achieve a “two-state solution” have finally collapsed, and the struggle for justice in Palestine is at a crossroads. As Israel and its advocates lurch toward greater extremism, many ask where the struggle is headed. Abunimah’s lecture will offer a clear analysis of this crossroads moment and looks forward with urgency down the path to a more hopeful future. Presented by SUPE. Cosponsors include AUPHR, JVP, Sabeel, and the Portland State chapter of the ISO. For more information, contact Dele Balogun, or visit

When: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm
Where: Smith Memorial Student Union, room 238, 1825 SW Broadway

Weekly events:

Arabic conversation and culture group

Organized by Arab students at PSU, this group meets weekly to practice Arabic and English and discuss Arab culture.  All are welcome:

When: Thursdays 4-6

Where: Park Avenue Cafe (1535 SW Park Ave)


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