Posted by: Sarah Standish | April 25, 2014

Qatari college student seeks host family

Hosting an exchange student is a great way to broaden your family’s horizons while staying in the US.  This Qatari student is looking for a host family for summer 2014 while he takes classes at PSU:
Khalid Rashid Al Khalifa
Age: 18
Special Needs: does not smoke, drink alcohol or eat pork
Interests: soccer, American culture
Years of English: 5
Likely grade: college freshman
High school GPA: B+
Additional languages: Arabic
Father age: 55
Father occupation: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, State of Qatar
Marital status: married
Additional comments: Khalid will be going into the Portland State University Intensive English Language Program. His spoken English now is at a beginner level, but will improve dramatically within the first two weeks of classes. After that, the improvement will slow down, but continue steadily as he studies at PSU and practices within the family. Khalid is a nice person, who is well-known among his family members and one of their kindest and someone people with a problem can go to. He is very much looking forward to learning about America from Americans and is grateful for the opportunity to do this through living with an American family. Khalid has not had a lot of experience with non-native cultures and will do best in a situation in which some of the main differences between Arab and American cultures has been discussed among the family members. These would include the higher level of formality among Arabs than among Americans, the very different way in which children address their parents, and the built-in existence/non existence of class hierarchy in the Qatari and American cultures respectively.
If you are interested in hosting Khalid, please contact Linda Morell (morrellassoc [at] comcast [dot] net) for more information.

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