Posted by: Sarah Standish | October 22, 2013

Access college counseling services through Yallah

Students enrolled in QFI‘s Arabic programs, including Arabic students at Lincoln, can access free help with applying to colleges through

As QFI explains:

QFI is partnering with Akadeenia, a multicultural organization specialized in the academic counseling and advancement and personal development of students, in order to support students in every country as they begin the exciting but often nerve-racking process of selecting and applying to universities.

Through QFI’s online forum, YALLAH, Akadeenia will offer eight sessions focused on the process of getting you to your dream university – from choosing the right school, submitting the best possible application, to preparing for the big move. If you are not yet registered to YALLAH, and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please, contact Margaret Kahn (mkahn [at] qfi [dot] org), in order to open an account.
Discussions will be led by Mounir Nsouli, Akadeenia’s founder and CEO.  Here is the list of topics with its timeline:
Oct. 14: Introduction
Oct. 16: My College Experience

Oct. 18: YALLAH! Let’s Go 2 College

Oct. 24: Be Choosy!

Nov. 1: Powerful Essays to Get You into College

Nov. 18: Relax, Get Your Recommendations

Nov. 29: Not All Who Wander are Lost

Dec. 1: Money is Better than Poverty, for Financial Reasons
For more information on Akadeenia, please visit

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