Posted by: Sarah Standish | June 11, 2013

Keep in touch with Arabic in the summer by downloading the new Memrise apps

Using Memrise is an easy way to keep yourself from forgetting all your Arabic during the summer.  Designed to be studied in your spare time, Memrise works best if you study it regularly, but for very short periods of time (the opposite of cramming!)–for example, during the commercial breaks in your favorite TV show.  The anthropologist Joshua Foer, for example, used Memrise to memorize more than 1,000 new words in just 22 total hours of studying spread out over a period of several months.  Others find that while it’s hard to learn new vocabulary directly from Memrise, it can be a great way to review something you already know.

Memrise recently released new apps into the Apple store and Google play, and all of the vocabulary from Lincoln’s Arabic classes has been added to Memrise courses.  You can also create your own Memrise course with your own Arabic word lists, or make one to help yourself study another content area.

It’s easy to forget Arabic vocabulary over the summer, but just a little bit of time spent can keep you from feeling completely lost when the new school year begins.  If you review regularly for short periods of time, you could retain a lot of vocabulary words while investing only a few hours over the course of the entire summer.


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