Posted by: Sarah Standish | May 1, 2013

Stay in Touch With Arabic in the Summer – Without Leaving Portland

Not everyone wants to spend several weeks of their summer studying Arabic intensively; luckily, there are other, less-intense ways to keep in touch with Arabic or Arab culture in Portland this summer:

Sign up for a Conversation Partner

Portland State University has a lot of native speakers of Arabic who want more chances to practice their conversational skills.  Through the university’s Individual Conversation Partner Program, you can request an Arabic-speaking student to partner with.  Conversation Partners are expected to meet for about an hour a week; you can request to split the time between Arabic and English, or help your partner practice his/her English while exchanging information about Arab and American cultures.

To sign up for a conversation partner, please contact Linnea Spitzer, IELP Individual Conversation Partners Coordinator, by phone or email: 503.725.5455 or ielpcpt [at] pdx [dot] edu.

Host an Iraqi Student

The World Affairs Council is looking for families to host Iraqi teenagers who will be visiting Portland for at little less than two weeks at the end of July (7/20-7/31).  If interested, please complete this informational form and someone will contact you with more information.


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