Posted by: Sarah Standish | January 24, 2013

Lincoln Course Offerings Related to the Middle East

Next year, Lincoln will offer two courses through the Social Studies department that relate specifically to the Middle East.  It is highly recommended that Arabic students sign up for one of these courses during their time at Lincoln; they are an excellent complement to knowledge students gain in their Arabic classes, and having taken such courses in high school can put students at an advantage when applying for scholarships relating to the Middle East or Arabic or pursuing more advanced coursework in Middle Eastern studies in college.


Middle Eastern Studies

This course explores the Middle East through the intersection of history, politics, culture, and the variety of individual experience. Students examine a variety of written documents and visual media in order to deepen their understanding of the Middle East. The ultimate objective of this course is to build the background knowledge and critical skills necessary for students to engage in more nuanced and informed discussions about historical and contemporary issues in the Middle East.


History of the Modern Middle East

This course takes a chronological approach to modern Middle Eastern history, focusing on the era from the early 19th century reforms through the 21st century. Political and economic history will be balanced with social and cultural history, with an eye on contributing factors to contemporary issues in the Middle East affecting the global community.



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