Posted by: Sarah Standish | December 3, 2012

Extra Credit Events in December

Arabic students can earn extra credit by attending extra-credit events and writing a short reflection in English based on the extra-credit guidelines.

Due to the one-time nature of these events, I am unable to screen them ahead of time for content.

All information is from the website of the PSU Middle Eastern Studies Center unless otherwise stated.

Host a Yemeni Guest for Dinner

The World Affairs Council of Oregon is looking for dinner hosts for students from from Yemen participating in a “Youth Participation in the Political Process” program.  This is a great way to get to know an international visitor and share American culture! From the World Affairs Council:

Hosting international visitors in your home is an exciting way to connect with people across the globe. Home hospitality dinners often make the biggest impact on the international visitors because they create opportunities for more one-on-one conversation and a deeper appreciation for the commonalities of life. When you host, you may take anywhere from two visitors to an entire group of visitors. If the visitors do not speak English, World Affairs Council of Oregon staff will arrange for an interpreter to accompany your guests for the evening. Hosts are generally asked to pick up their guests at their hotel and return them there at the end of the evening. Some visitors may have dietary or other restrictions. This information will be provided to you in advance by the World Affairs Council of Oregon programmer working on the visitor’s itinerary.

When: Friday December 14th or Saturday, December 15th

For more information, contact: Andrew Neal:

Repeating Events

Portland Arabic Language Group

Have you ever been curious about the Arabic language and Arabic culture? Did you learn some Arabic on a vacation to Egypt or take a class in college and haven’t used it in years? Come join the Portland Arabic Language Group to practice the language. The group is open to anyone regardless of their level of fluency – from the curious, to the beginner, to the native speaker. For more information visit, or send an email to

When: Every Sunday, 11:00 am

Where: Park Avenue Cafe at SW Market & Park, Portland


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