Posted by: Sarah Standish | March 1, 2012

Upcoming extra credit events (March and April)

Updated: I have added some new events below.

Authentic Iraqi Cuisine

Eat Iraqi food and learn some Iraqi Arabic! Some members of the Portland Iraqi community are trying to start their own food carts, and they’re holding a fundraiser/Iraqi food test-drive this month, where you’ll have the chance to try a huge variety of dishes and let them know which ones you like best.

When: Saturday, March 10th, 6 – 8 pm

Where: 700 N. Killingsworth St., Portland

Cost: $10 for one or $15 for two

See this flyer for more information.

The Music of the Jews of Morocco, Yemen, Spain

From the event description:

Sephardic Winter Film Series presents three separate explorations of the music of three distinctive Sephardic traditions. Each entertaining film will explore the historical context of the culture and how music played a role in the society and religious life of the populations of Morocco, Yemen and Spain. The films will be followed by guest speakers Charles Levy and David Boussi. Refreshments will be provided, for more information call David at 503-892-6634.

When: Tuesday, March 13 at 7 pm

Where: Congregation Ahavath Achim, 3225 SW Barbur Blvd. Portland

Roundtable Discussion: Iraqi Writers

Join PNCA for a Roundtable Discussion with Suhail Najm, an Iraqi poet, and five Iraqi playwrights.

When: Thursday, March 15 at 6:30 pm
Where: Pacific Northwest College of Art, Commons, 1241 NW Johnson Street, Portland

In-school extra-credit opportunity: Cafe Baghdad

How many Jews do you think lived in Baghdad in the 1920s?
You’d be right if you guessed that there were 80,000…and this out of a population of 200,000 people in the city!

Get a glimpse into the little-known world of native Iraqi Jews at the dawn of the modern Iraqi state by attending an upcoming in-school  performance of the play Cafe Baghdad, put on by Portland’s Jewish Theater Collaborative. The play, which is based on historical research, features a series of vignettes that delve into the hopes, dreams, and disappointments of the Iraqi Jewish community as they tried to find a place for themselves as a religious minority in a secular Iraqi state.  This 35-minute play will be followed by a Q&A about the content.

This event is made possible due to support from the Qatar Foundation International.

When: April 4th, 2012, during 5th period (be sure to get permission from your fifth-period teacher before you attend).

Where: the Lincoln auditorium.

Note: Even though this event is in-school, you must still write a reflection about what you learned in accordance with the extra credit guidelines in order to receive extra credit.


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