Posted by: Sarah Standish | November 29, 2011

Extra Credit Events: Perspectives on Arab-Israeli Rap

It is extremely important to have the opportunity to hear different points of view on controversial topics.  Arabic students can receive extra credit for reading ALL of the three articles linked to here about the Arab-Israeli rap group DAM, which recently visited Lincoln and writing a reflection (in English) on the articles.




  1. What an excellent opportunity for high school students – primary source artists coming to Portland, integrating Arabic language study and music at Lincoln! What a unique experience to foment critical thinking and dialogue, hope to see you there. -Mariam Higgins

  2. Thanks Mariam! Definitely hope to see you there as well.

  3. in one of their other songs called who’s the terrorist, they say that jews are nazis, that people that care about israel are racists, and other very graphic and violent messages. by encouraging students to listen to their music, you are promoting these videos of lies, hate and propaganda. if student should listen to some of their other songs, they would see that DAM does in fact criticize and insult Jewish people as a people. i do not recommend going to their performances or presentations. PPS ensures that schools are free of discrimination and hate speech towards a specific religion or nationality, which is the exact message that DAM represents.

  4. Lyrics from song title: Who’s The Terrorist

    Playing the witness, the lawyer and the judge
    disroying me , You are the beginning of my end You wish the worst for us
    A minority that ends up as a majority in the cemetery
    Democracy? Why? It reminds me of the Nazis
    You’ve raped the Arab soul
    and it became pregnant, giving birth to a child called ” terror attack”
    And then you call us terrorists. You’ve killed and looted
    When I accused you, you jumped up and say :-
    “You too let children throw stones

    Inherently fallacious moral equivalence at its worst!

    • good one

  5. How dare you use public funds to fund your hate speech through this group. I am sick and tired of this. If a jewish teacher had an band that had ananti-palestinian theme to it, it would be heard from the rooftops. The jews do not do this, there are more different, respected religions in this little country called Israel, than in any other middle east country. as I said when I opened this comment, How dare you!!!!!!

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