Posted by: Sarah Standish | November 23, 2011

Extra Credit Event: “Let the Light Shine” lecture series

The Muslim Educational Trust and St. James Lutheran Church present a series of lectures about Islam and the Quran.

These six lectures will all take place at St. James Lutheran Church (1315 SW Park Avenue, Portland), from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. on specific Sundays.

The lectures are as follows:

  • History of Islam and the Quran,
    Mr. Maqsood Chaudhary, November 27th
  • Themes of the Quran,
    Ms. Fatima Albar, December 4th
  • Islam and Muslims in the Media,
    Dr. Nohad Toulan, December 11th
  • Economics in the Quran,
    Mr. Jawad Khan, December 18th
  • Human Rights and Women in the Quran,
    Ms. Nadira Najieb, January 8th
  • Misunderstood Text in the Quran,
    Mr. Wajdi Said, January 15th

Arabic students can get extra credit for attending these events and writing about them in accordance with the extra credit guidelines.


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