Posted by: Sarah Standish | September 13, 2011

Extra credit event: The Syrian Uprising: An Eyewitness Account

What’s really going on in Syria? Come hear the first-hand account of an American student who spent time there at the beginning of the uprising there. From the PSU Middle Eastern Studies Center description:

Matthew Barber, Portland State alumnus and student of the Middle East, was living in
Syria at the beginning of the recent and continuing uprising. He had been in Syria for a
year prior to the uprising and witnessed the effects that the Tunisian revolution and
ensuing “Arab Spring” had on Syrian society, up to the point when Syria’s own
attempted revolution began. He remained in Syria and experienced several months of
life during the uprising, and has recently returned home to the Northwest.

Matt will give an account of his experience followed by an open discussion on the

situation in Syria. Free and open to the public.

The talk will take place on Wednesday, September 14th, in the Cascade Room of the Smith Center at Portland State University.  Arabic students, you can get extra credit for writing about this event in accordance with the extra credit guidelines.


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