Posted by: Sarah Standish | April 20, 2011

Study Arabic in the summer – with a scholarship from QFI!

The Qatar Foundation International, which supports Arabic classes here at Lincoln, has generously offered to provide scholarships to students who choose to continue their study of Arabic in the summer and have been accepted to an Arabic summer program. Full or partial scholarships may be available. The deadline for application for the scholarships is June 3. Please return your application to Ms. Standish. If you need an application, contact Ms. Standish either in person or via email. Some summer programs you might consider applying to:

Located in Ohio at Oberlin College and run by the same people who created Middlebury’s wildly successful language programs for adult learners, the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy is an intensive summer language program that uses immersion to ensure that students learn as much as possible during the month-long program. Students interested in applying for this program should inform their teacher in order to get more information about a separate scholarship available for Portland-area students.

Concordia’s Language Villages in Minnesota combine the fun of camp with the challenge of learning a new language. Students are encouraged, but not required, to speak in the language they are learning, and they learn as much through games and cultural activities like cooking and dancing as through traditional classes.  With the support of QFI, Concordia is also offering separate scholarships to Lincoln students; see your teacher for more information.

Already renowned for it’s undergraduate Arabic program, Brigham Young University applies its expertise to this six-week high school residential program.  According to the program’s self-description: “earning through doing, students acquire facility in using Arabic in a sociolinguistically authentic manner to accomplish real-world tasks. They live in an “Arabic house” (student apartments) where they will be immersed in Arab culture through music, films, games, cooking lessons…. Skilled teachers are experienced in adjusting instruction to individual needs. Tutors are available day and night to provide models and to help students of varying abilities and challenges succeed.”

One unique aspect of the San Bernardino program is that it is open to both high school and university students. From the program self-description: “The 2011 Arabic Summer Language Institute at California State University San Bernardino integrates Modern Standard Arabic with colloquial Arabic, developing students’ language skills, with emphasis on communication in a carefully planned immersion environment. It is one of the most rigorous, engaging, stimulating and affordable Arabic residential programs in the U.S. Students will earn 12-18 quarter units in Arabic and Arabic studies. Classroom instruction, lab work, activities (dance, calligraphy, music) and weekly field trips are all important elements of the program.”  This program is only open to rising juniors and seniors; only students who have already graduated from high school will be able to live in university housing for the summer.  Students who have not graduated would need to live with a family friend or relative off campus while attending the program.

Portland State University offers second-year intensive summer Arabic classes.  The Lincoln Arabic syllabus is not necessarily aligned with the PSU Arabic syllabus, and Lincoln Arabic students who wish to study at PSU may need to take a placement test.



  1. Hi Sarah, I’m a mom of a 6th grader at Gilkey International School here in PDX. Our son, Alex, studies French and Mandarin at Gilkey, and says he wants to add Arabic next. I’m researching ways to make that possible for him. Your blog is helpful Thanks.
    Tamara Still

    • Best of luck to your son! Glad you find the blog helpful.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I wonder if any of your readers might be interested in hosting an Arabic speaking college student attending classes in the Portland metro area? Our organization, ANDEO Homestays, has been coordinating homestays for 30 years, and our Long Term program has a great need for host families interested in hosting our Middle Eastern students. These students go to PSU, Lewis and Clark College, PCC, and other private language schools in the Portland area. The vast majority of these students are young men. Their homestays usually last between 2 and 6 months, and there is a stipend of $660 per month for host families. If you know of any interested families, especially families living near bus lines, please let them know about this fun opportunity to experience Arabic language and culture right in their own homes! I can be contacted at We have students looking for homestays right now, especially in SW Portland. I would be thrilled to speak more with any interested families!

    Thank you.


  3. Hi Sarah: My son is 13 and has had two years of Arabic at E/W Sylvan. He just spent a week in Eugene having daily lessons from a tutor. He’s interested in more Arabic this summer. Please advise. He’s also interested in Hindi and Farsi.

    thanks very much.
    Juliet Hyams

    • Hi Juliet,

      The only program available to for students not yet in high school is the Concordia Language Villages Arabic camp, though I don’t know whether it’s too late to apply for this summer. You could advertise for a paid tutor at PSU or try to find a free language partner for the various languages your son is interested in through the conversation partner program for English language learners at PSU ( PSU offers formal Arabic classes in the summer, but they probably wouldn’t be appropriate for most rising 9th graders. You can also check PCC to see what they have; their Arabic classes are highly variable in quality but because they are non-credit they are not as intensive.

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