Posted by: Sarah Standish | December 15, 2010

Who’s the next Superstar? It could be you!

Our students will complete a project over the coming winter break modeled on part of the popular Arabic television show Superstar–the Arab world’s version of American Idol.  Before each contestant sings, we see a video introduction he or she has filmed, explaining a little bit about his or her background and why he or she should be the Arab world’s next Superstar.  The introduction always ends with a plea to the audience: “صوتوا لي!” That is, “Vote for me!”  In conjunction with another Arabic class in Boston, our class will do the same, making videos that explain their own special talents and why they should be the next Superstar.

Here are some clips from Superstar that we watched in class:


Project directions are posted after the jump.

Your assignment this winter break is to create a video-taped presentation of yourself explaining why you should be the next سوبر ستار Superstar.

Your presentation should include the following:

  • It is filmed. If this will be extremely difficult for you do to, please see me and I will help you find a way to film it.
  • Your video is 2-3 minutes long, and you speak for at least two minutes (the other minute, for example, could be footage of your supporting visuals or a demonstration of your talent, etc).
  • You introduce yourself and tell us about where you are from, etc.
  • You tell what you like to do
  • You tell what extended family you have, and some facts about them (e.g., describe a few of your extended family members with adjectives, or tell where they live and things they like to do)
  • You mention a talent that would qualify you to be the سوبر ستار of the Lincoln Arabic students and demonstrate it (this does not have to be singing, of course—for our سوبر ستار competition your talent could be playing an instrument, playing a sport, acting, dancing, etc.)
  • You use a wide range of the vocabulary we have covered.
  • Your grammar is correct; you use the grammatical constructs we have covered in class, including correct verb conjugations, noun-adjective agreement, correct use of prepositions, الإضافة.
  • Your video presentation should be memorized. You should not be reading off of a paper that you have conveniently placed off screen.
  • You use words we have learned in class, not words that someone else taught you or that you looked up on Google Translate. If your project involves words that we have not covered in class, you should ask me to tell you these words before the break.
  • This project is due on Wednesday, January 5th (6th period) or Thursday, January 7th (5th and 7th periods). You can turn it in in one of the following ways: transfer it to my computer via a flash drive; burn it onto a DVD and give me the DVD; upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and send me the URL.
  • You end your video presentation with a plea to listeners to vote for you, saying, “صوتوا لي!”

After everyone has turned in their presentations, I will select three from each class that we will all watch and rate. I will then send the highest-rated videos to an Arabic class at Boston Arts Academy, where there is also an Arabic class. Arabic students and Boston Arts Academy will watch these videos and rate them. We will also watch and rate similar video that they’ve made. The student who makes the highest-rated video will receive a prize (it has yet to be decided exactly what that is; the prize will be chosen by another Arabic teacher in Boston).


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