Posted by: Sarah Standish | November 30, 2010

Extra-credit opportunity

Optional extra credit assignment! Would you like to raise your score on the recent writing project?

You can earn extra credit by submitting questions for the upcoming Global Pursuits trivia contest.

What to do:

Choose a Global Pursuits Trivia category:

    1) Literature
    2) Geography
    3) Science/Technology
    4) Politics/History
    5) Current Events
    6) Africa
    7) Music
  1. Write five Middle East or Arabic-related questions within that category, and then write the answer.
  2. Rate each one of your questions – are they easy, medium, or hard?
  3. Copy and paste a link to a citation that supports your information (Wikipedia is fine).
  4. Email these questions to me (sstandish [at] pps [dot] k12 [dot] or [dot] us) by 5:00 pm on December 1st. Be sure to include the category, question, answer, difficulty rating, and citation for each question.
  5. For every five questions you submit, you will receive one point of extra credit on your writing project, for a maximum of two points per person.

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